On-Chip Lab

Existing Facilities:

Cascade 11000/12000 series Probe Station:

• High Precision wafer probe station for RF/Microwave, Analog/DC applications, Device Characterization, and yield enhancement.
• Semi-automatic and automatic probe positioning control.
• EMI shielding for low nose applications.
• Minimized debris.


Cascade 11000/12000 series Probe Station

Cascade mmW Large Area Positioners:

• Supports Cascade and Pico-probe waveguide probe configuration.
• Compatible with Keysight Technologies mmW extension modules for mmW/Sub-THz on-wafer probe application.
• Resolution: 3.0 µm.
• Travel range (X/Y/Z): 150mm/150mm/12.5mm.
• Application: high-performance single-ended/differential broadband/mmWave, sub-THz S-parameters, source/load pull, RF noise.

Cascade mmW Large Area Positioners


Coaxial type RF/Microwave Probes:

• Pitch Sizes: 100-2000µm.
• Frequency range : DC – 50GHz.
• Insertion Loss: .
• Available configurations GSG, GSGSG, GSSG.
• Application: 1-4 Port S-parameters single and differential measurements, Load-pull, Modelling and board Test/Characterization.


Cascade Infinity Probe


PicoProbe Microwave Probe

Waveguide mmW/Sub-THz Probes:

• Pitch sizes: 100 – 150µm.
• Frequency range: 50 – 325GHz.
• Insertion Loss:
• 2-port measurement and calibration.
• Application: 1-2 Port S-parameters single and differential measurements for mmW and Sub-THz applications.

Cascade Infinity Waveguide Probe